Is this possible

i have a extremely rudimentary knowledge of how hacking works. i was wondering if i there was anyway i could find out the location or identity of an anonymous twitter account that was made today to say very mean things about people in my school

From your own house maybe no a bit of social enginering and you'll probally figure out who it is for example you can cross reference posts from that account to another account of someone that gos to your school and see if you can spot trends of when the user is signed on (assumeing there signed on to twitter to troll and then use normally) you can also spot who they talk about and see if you can reference people who may have grudges agenst those people. From a technolgical standpoint it would be to complex (and illegal and unethical) to write up how you could obtain a street address from someones twitter(so no its not impossable). while your reasons may be justified the kind of "hacking" you want to do is not the intent of this forum. 

to be honest most so called "hacking" means thinking like the guy above told you, it is in no way like the TV programs show you.. maybe even creating a false account and trying to befriend the other account by making the person behind it believe you are with him in what he is saying, it may even involve bashing your school too so you can gain his trust... this is risky but this is what actually it is about.. even Kevin Mitnik admitted most of the stuff he did was just social engineering and nothing else.

oh i wouldnt have the time to "hack" even if i knew how. its just something i always wondered

The term your looking for is security testing, and it is possable to find out someones home from twitter though the use of current networking infrastructure.

Seriously? Why must you have "to say very mean things about people in my school"? Bullying really isn't cool. 

He's talking about the person with the twitter account. He's not saying such things.

His dangling modifier made it seem like he was going to say bad things. But really it's the anon. twitter user saying the bad things. I had the same train of thought as you for a minute there.