Is this Possible?

Im planning on buying a haf 912.

The problem is that I hate the silver interior

Is it possible to spray paint the inside to match the outside of the case?

It's been done before. Just buy a can of spray paint, tear the case apart then spray paint, let it dry then reassemble case

Err.. Well you could try that, but it may result in peeling and cracking. There are guides how to do it properly, but its a lot more work, sanding the surface, applying different chemicals, then finally spray painting it...

If you have painting experience then its really not that bad. If you dont, have someone help you out, I wouldnt want my brand new case to have overspray/orangepeel all over it.

You can probably diy even if you have no experience. Just make sure you spray it in light even layers and allow them to dry a bit in between.

sand first... i would say 180 grit sand paper.

next, take acitone (nail polis remover) and wipe down the metal

wait for it to be bone dry.

now, take your spray paint and do short bursts from a distance until its evenly coated. youtube some how-to's or something.


also, get FLAT BLACK not a shiny paint. if you want it to be shiny (i wouldnt recommend it), i would go with a eggshell or semi gloss, then seal with a gloss clear coat.

If you can remove all the plastic parts take it to someone who does powder coating. It sprays on like baby powder and is baked. The powder liquefies and hardens tougher than the hinges of hell. Beautiful finish too. If you go this route it is going to cost you a few bucks but in my opinion well worth it. Again if you go for it make sure they cover any of the threaded holes as the paint will make the hole too small and the paint is so hard you will never get the screws back in. Here is an example of a company’ work.


I agree with ztrain. I have a fair bit experience after working in my dads hardware shop for a few years, and most of the time he told me that when spray painting, I should sand first, as this helps the paint to stick better. It's fairly easy, though you will get tired, and bored. If you want to save yourself the trouble, why don't you just by another case. Or just leave it gray, it's the inside anyway, you won't see it. If you still want to paint it, just do what ztrain said and remove every single component of the case. The side doors, brackets, etc. Then sand, then paint. Just do a sweeping back and forth motion while painting, just spraying a thin layer, then let it dry for a while. After that, spray paint it again, then let dry again. I'd recommend doing this 1-2 times MORE, cause when you put too much, the parts might be a little too snug when you put it back together and scratch of the paint. And let it dry overnight. DO THIS ALL DURING A DRY AND HOT DAY!



Good idea. OP, if you can find people doing this for cheap, go for it. If it costs more than $25, better off buying a better case( not saying that the 912 is horrible though).