Is This Possible to play on paino?

I was wondering if it is possible to play One Hour by approaching nirvana on the piano. The though came into my head when i saw this video

I just started learning piano and i want  to play some cool stuff!

You can transpose anything across different instruments, with the exception of purely percussive instruments. By that I mean, percussive instruments like drums, not the xylophone example below, which has distinct tones. Different instruments, same notes.

One of my friends from school would regularly play Megadeth songs on cellos, or any variety of instruments.

I don't see why not...most any song can be played on any instrument believe it or not. The notes are all the same. 

You might like this channel, she plays a lot of covers and plays them well.

Yeah, you can play any song on a piano, the only time it's difficult is if the songs combine multiple instruments playing different melodies at once.  Then you're limited, assuming you want to play it live.