Is this PC Upgradable?

I have a Intel Inspiron 580 (don't ask, just please don't ask why I have it)i3

So I wanted to add a EVGA 560ti to it by upgrading it to a 600w power supply.

Can my mother board handle it?

Can I even upgrade it by changing the power supply?

If you can, tell me if I can upgrade the GPU to 560ti with full parts that I will be needing.


Thx for taking the time to read this :D

I don't have much knowledge of this pc, but after doing a bit of research it seems like you could definitely fit one in there. The mobo, albeit cheap, can handle a single 560 so if you have any thoughts of SLI then get a new one. The power supply could easily handle that, although if you are looking to do future upgrading to SLI then although it could handle it, it may fail, I would suggest 750w if you do want SLI

You should get a 650, 650Ti or a 660 and yes, your motherboard should be able to handle it and yes, you will need a PSU upgrade. But it might be good if you open up your computer before you buy the stuff. You should ask yourself if the power supply is standard dimensions. Just measure your current power supply and if the dimensions are not 86mm high and 150mm wide, then you have a problem. You may have to get a new case. Also, you need to make sure your case has enough airflow as nVidia cards have the tendancy of running slightly hotter. Also, does your computer have a PCI-e 16x slot? if not, you have another problem.