Is this PC Upgradable? (Version 2)

Alright so I have a Intel  Inspiron 580 (I was stupid enough to buy one a year ago) 

Now I am learned a lot since then about building a computer and upgrading them so for this Black Friday I want to upgrade my basically hunk of junk into a new PC.

I want to add this Graphics Card: (EVGA GTX 560 Ti)

My PC's power supply is at max 300W and the case I am about to get for this for this new PC is this.,%201

(It comes with a 700W Power Supply which is Awesome)


So my final question is:

Can my Motherboard handle this New Graphics card? Or Do I need a new one?

the second is dead fyi. And anyways can you list your cpu and maybe ram. And as long as your motherboard has PCIe 2.0 or 3.0 and enough slots you should be fine.

What do u mean it is dead. It has i3 and 6GB of RAM

the link to it doesnt work, u just linked to the shopping cart page which shows whats in our shopping cart

,dead link in other words


also i think u mean a Dell inspiron, not an Intel inspiron

sounds good and do-able