Is this ok?

Is this build ok for gaming, I was going to use my tv for a monitor since I spent so much on it, and  I was going to get the GTX 760 4GB version when it becomes available.

Why not spend money on a better cpu instead of those ssd's?

I thought that the FX-6350 was a good cpu.

You should really get an 8350 and a better mobo for that budget.

Ok I can get an 8350, and what mobo would you recommend?

Er mah gawd.  So many SSDs.  Definitely get a better mobo, and maybe drop 1 or 2 of the ssds and get a hdd.  The 760 will have about the same performance as a 670, just so you know.  While the 6350 is a good cpu, if you are spending $1000+, it would be a sad day if you couldn't get a better cpu.

A sabertooth. If you can manage.

How's this with this

that build looks good, but may i ask why a 64GB ssd and a 256 GB ssd? i would  schwimp out the 64GB one, because its so tiny its a bit of a waste in my oppinion.. or you must have a reason for it? because if you schwimp out that A-data 64GB ssd, you can allmost buy a GTX 770 for that extra money.

Looks pretty good, have fun building.

I was going to use it for my os so I could use the other ssd for my games.

ah okay, well as i said  the build looks  great. ☺