Is this ok for first build?

well i know my stuff with pc's but im on a budget and im not good with budgets -.-


so which is better:


yeah i know they are close enough the same but really its a test of price to performance ratio.

oh and its for gaming

and i can spend either $650 or $750 but i can only spend the extra $100 if its worth it

or should i save slightly more and get a fx 4100

oh ill be playing skyrim, crysis, planetside 2, dota 2, trine, metro 2033 and other games ...........               i know ive picked loads of pc intensive games lol.

any suggestions are welcome

get the FX-4300 or Phenom II 965 over any of the bulldozer chips

why are these better?

and the fx 8350 ect. are piledrivers are you including those cpu's under bulldozer because some people do?

thats the model for it basically with no cpu

so the competetors are:

amd fx 8350

amd phenom II 965

amd fx 4300

(i would get a intel but in my last build i had many issues) so i guess this isnt my first build but my first "modern" build my last one was a couple years ago