Is this normal?

I was just watching a movie on my second screen(an LG EW224)and i noticed some screen tearing,is that normal?

Or is something wrong with my screen?

If it help i was watching a 1080p mkv file,also the screen is hooked up via the HDMI to DVI adapter that came with my 7970 video card.

Well it could be a problem but i doubt it, im guessing you downloaded the movie ?

If so then it was probably just an error either from the file itself (when it was compressed) or there was some information lost when you downloaded it, if its only for a movie and not any other application/anything else on then screen i wouldnt worry about it.

Yes i did download the movie,i have a copy of it,but i did not want to go trough the trouble of trying to rip it cause it half the times it gives me problems,i also noticed that it is having tearing when moving a window around really fast.

I am about to try a game in and see if it does the same.

Ok i ran dirt 3 in windowed mode,and i spaned it across my 2 screens,and played it, i did notice some screen tearing just on that screen,but i also saw one time of when it on both screens at the same place,and amount of time.