Is This Normal RAM Usage?

Hey guys recently I noticed my 2.5GB of my 10GB of RAM is being used when my computer is essentially Idle, the only programs running during this time are Chrome with a max of 5 tabs, Steam, and Windows 8 sticky notes, I noticed a lot of my ram about 200MB is constantly being used by "Service Host Local System" and it always is at the top of my usage, unless Im running a game or something, is this normal and what is your RAM usage at idle?

Right at this moment I am using 2.8 gigs of ram (semi-idle?) I have three chrome tabs open on one monitor and anime playing in VLC on the other monitor, plus uTorrent and a couple other things are running in the back ground. When I am completely idle (first log in) I have about 1.8 gigs of usage. Service host local system is windows background programs aka windows firewall or device discovery etc.  Seems pretty normal. If you were hitting 3-4 gigs at idle then I would say something is up.

Right now I'm using 2.9GB on Windows 8.1. 

I have open Chrome with 4 tabs, Steam, iTunes and various background tasks like Symantec EndPoint Protection and a few other programs. 

It is completely normal. 

Im almost htting 3GBs, Im right under it at 2.8-2.9 and thanks for letting me know, I am probably gonna pick up the 16GB of RAM though since I only have 7 available for gaming

3GB is completely normal. 

Only 7? Most games won't use over 4. That is why 8GB TOTAL is recommended for gaming rigs. Look in your other thread. I posted a response. You don't need more RAM. It is a waste of money and you won't see any benefit. 

*For Gaming*

It's fine.  Hell, some of what is being shown as "used" likely isn't REALLY being used and can be allocated to other tasks as it becomes necessary.  You're fine.

I have 4 tabs open in Chrome, and steam open, and I'm hitting about 3.2. Seems a bit normal, if you ask me.

your os usually takes that much ram.