Is this motherboard compatible with Windows 8?

Is this motherboard compatible with windows 8, I know it is for Windows 7, but I was just wondering if anybody knew.


Yes, pretty much anything compatible with 7 will be compatible with 8. I have a desktop that was certified for Vista that ran both 7 and now 8 without problems.

I don't think you'll have any issues.

im building a new pc soon for taking to LAN parties, and i was wondering if the windows 7  drivers on the mobo support disk will work on windws 8 , i need the drivers so i can use the wifi chip that came with it.

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I'd rather just get Windows 7 for gaming. Most games aren't optimized for W8 and I noticed that most games (RTS and MMO) work better with W7.

okay, so i could just install the windows 7 drivers and they would work just fine?

Linus found that most big titles work better on W8 actually...

Really? Could you link me the video?