Is this more than I need?


I haven't been in the PC scene for a very long time, the last time I built from scratch was my current machine running an ancient AMD Athlon 64 X2 @ 3GHz STILL running Win XP (I hope that gives a good idea of just how out-of-date I am).

My brother, friend, and I have been discussing building new systems around the new Z87 boards and I have no clue if what I'm shooting for is far more than I need for what I want to do.

Currently my PC cannot do most of what I want to do at a decent speed. I do video editing, gaming (LoL, GW2, and MC primarily), online streaming, and intend to get into picture editing. I also want the PC to last me a good few years (5+).

Note: I already have an AX750 Corsair PSU, ASUS GTX 560 Direct CU II, and full tower Antec case for the new build.

This is what I am looking at on Newegg, is this just WAY too much for what I want to do?

Any advice on something I might want to replace or swap would be appreciated. If there is any more information that would be helpful I will provide it as best I can.

Please and thank you!

Probably the mobo I would buy. I personally like the rog series, but you really cant go wrong with asus. I would advise upgrading that gpu at some point too. You're also going to need a good cpu cooler, if you want to overclock that 4770k, my suggestion:

Sure, it will last 5 years, but it will be cripplingly slow compared to modern systems in that time span. If you want to last 5 years, go for X79, so you at least have options to upgrade the CPU.

Old school to old school, I would suggest a Western Digital velociraptor WD5000HHTZ 500Go, for your system, partitioned half/half, first for the OS+sofwares, second for your workspace.

If you can add a GTX770, you're good to go for 2-3years.

Yeah I have every intention of upgrading to the 700 series sometime next year. That cooler doesn't seem to have many reviews, and I haven't bought an aftermarket CPU HS before, does it out-perform the CM 212 EVO that was in my link?

I have the cooler, it should outperform the evo. It comes in a variation of colors and everyone around here recommends phanteks.

I see what you mean in regard to upgrading the CPU at a later point. I don't know much about the 2011 socket but I did just read that it's for "extreme CPUs", is that a bit much for what I mentioned I do? Or does what I do kind of call for a really high end CPU? (The Xeon series comes to mind)

A new GPU is next year's intent, likely a high end 700 series.

Is the HDD the only thing that makes it old school? I have the Samsung SSD on there for my OS/apps to get some speed, my current HDD is an old 5400 RPM drive that I don't have any real complaints about aside from the OS and program load times, which would be solved with the SSD.

just say that because personally, I don't like to be short on space, so I use a velociraptor for the OS. A SSD for caching maybe, but less than 200Go, I would not set my system on it.

BTW, the rig you set is absolutly perfect for me. X79 still has 4 SATA II ports, Sabertooth Z87 comes with 100% SATA III, PCI-e 3.0 and many other features to ease the geek's life. (see the serie of videos about Z87 here)

Yeah I've been drooling over it since I first saw it. The only thing I'm really contemplating now is if the Trident RAM I have on there would be blocked by a Phanteks PH-TC12DX. (I wish red wasn't sold out, would love it... but black would do...)

It shouldn't block any ram slots as long as you have it oriented with the airflow going front to back. I have it on a Maximus V Gene and it blocks none. If you want to get the red, head on over to Amazon, they generally have better prices than newegg too.

Sorry, its a little dark, but you get the idea.