Is this legit?

I am looking at building a pc soon, and I am on a budget. All I want to spend is $500. I figured I would be getting an apu system, but today I was bored and was browsing craigslist and found this beauty: I know the gpu isn't the greatest, but I can upgrade it later on and I can't beat this. What are your guy's thoughts?

The 5870 is still a decent card to game on, I would go for it

The only thing that bugs me is the mATX board in a full atx case. I gues around black friday I will get like a 760 and maybe a corsair 350d and go for a black/red build.

well the Asus crosshair formula V is a ATX board.

only its not realy clear which 8 core cpu is installed in that build, i suppose a FX8320 or maybe FX8150,  but the price for the system isnt bad at all.