Is this Laptop good enough for LoL/School? (Also a bonus question)

Hey Logan and Wendell. I currently own a HP G72 laptop. I can play LoL on it but it overheats alot, and it's 17inches and it's really big. I now prefer a 15.6 inch laptop, and am looking into getting this:

All I need it for gamewise is mostly TF2/LoL/PSO2. Maybe Minecraft. I know the higher end games like Crysis would be less playable but I'm fine with having that regret because that's not what I'm looking for. (I would be fine with taking a taste though) School stuff I only need the basic, MSword etc. I only say 'school' Because I want to be able to bring it to school and play LoL over there with friends or whereever really. So what I'm asking is, is this good enough for that price(~600)? Honestly I'd rather build a custom pc but I want to just buy a new laptop too. So. Yeah. Hope I gave enough specifics.

Also one more unrelated question:

Logan, you are hiking up the mountain (the one you said you would go to... Forgot it's name, I'm no good with those) with... Wendell and Pistol. I guess you are bringing your mobile pc satelite thing. Suddenly Wendell and Pistol slip off the cliff and you somehow are able to grab the both of them with incredible footing. (If you guys go WHAT how did that happen, Wendell now has to explain how exactly that happened. It's too late, it happened. You can't go back in time.) Sadly you are not strong enough to pull up the both of them. (Should have went to the gym some more bro ;[ ) Now, who do you pick up (and who do you let go)?

Then explain what happens to the both of you after this happens. Explain if your relationship improves or gets worse. Also explain how you grieve for the other one. 


Thanks guys. 


you could get a compaq cq57:

I can personally attest to the durability of this laptop as i have punched and as of today i reinstalled windows and IT STILL WORKS somehow. it will play league maxed lfd2 gmod and other games med/low minecraft it runs ok, if you have some money to spare put an ssd in the bastard and make that shit run like lightning.

and also buy a stick of this and put it in there

and i know for a fact that it will work on that becuase its in there right now and its running not even a foot to my right.