Is this HDD usable?

I have been experiencing some corrupted files and general slow read speed on this drive. So I went ahead and replaced it.
I tried transfering some files off it but the transfers seams to start normally and after ~10% they would grind to staggering speeds of like 10 KB/s. Lucky for me I didn't have anything critical stored on this disk.
Anyways, now I'm wondering if this disk is junk or if it is usable for anything going forward?

From what I've read elsewhere both 'Uncorrectable Sector Count' and 'Reallocated Sectors Count' are critical parameters but 'Write Error Rate' is not.
I would like some opinions. Is this HDD worth keeping around for some purpose?

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Try doing a chkdsk and full format (not quick) on it. If afterwards, it still says bad, I wouldnt trust it with any data that you dont want to lose.

yup do as Phantom suggests... if it does die altogether it's not "junk", you now have yourself a new coaster for your cups and a couple magnets ;)