Is this harddrive dead?

I found a 40gb maxtor harddrive, probably filled with endless corrupted confidential data that was once my dads, i plug it in, its a old IDE one, even going so far as to use 4 pin molex (shudder) and it starts beeping. its not the computer since the post speaker isn't even installed... well, it IS made by Maxtor, so not much of a surprise there.

maxtor drives work well in a modded PS2. :]

HaruhiOtaku wrote 54 seconds ago ยป

maxtor drives work well in a modded PS2. :]

yea I use a 20 and 40 GB Maxtor in my modded PS2, but I have not touched my PS2 in months lol

I used a seagate.... I eventually just decided to burn to disks, shit was easier.

my old computer that i use as a server now has a 74.5 gb in it.....

74 GB server?

He means an old computer. (IE that crappy old Dell that you just want to throw out the window)

Also this is a mega bump. And my Maxtor 80 gig recently took a dump as well and I'm waiting for its replacement.

yea, i use it to host servers... lol and yes it IS a crappy dell i wana throw out the window.... (of a skyscraper)