Is this goof for a first time build?

Here is my first build for a pc. what changes should i make for it ti be better?


Its good in my opinion, but either get 8GB of RAM, or an SSD like the Crucial MX100, but if you don't have a higher budget go for it. Have fun with your PC and watch some build videos to prepare for assembly. Also, if you want a better Price:performance balance, get the R7 265 because its badically the R9 270 with a slower clock speed.

Don't know if you noticed, but the bariccuda you picked out was only 250Gb and the 1Tb version is actually a dollar cheaper lol. Fixed it.

if your looking to save a little on the case i would go with the corsair 200R and put that $20 towards the EVGA 750ti SC for $150. I put the 750ti in my friends build and its a powerful little card. Photo: That wasn't that hard

If pic is the 200R I cringe slightly at that notion. Maybe it's just me but I loathe top mounted power supplies. The idea of going with a cheaper case is a good one though. I don't know maybe I'm crazy haha.

no this is some crappy $25 case my friend bought


the pic was suppose to to show the 750ti


Okay sweet haha

Cheaper, and a better overall build.

More RAM.  8GB is the sweet spot for gaming.

R9 270.  Much more powerful than the 260X.

Thx for all the help guys really appreciate it!


Heres the build now with the changes anymore you guys could think of?

Stronger GPU and better motherboard.

Might want to take a look at the r9 280(non-x) or the r9 270x for around $60 and $30 more. They're right the sweet spot for price/performance. If you want to stick to Nvidia the 750ti isn't a bad card to have, but the mid-tier AMD cards are a crazy good value at the moment.

IMO motherboard upgrade is unnecessary. I buy the best quality I can find but with zero bells and whistles. No sense in paying for features you won't use.


I've made a few changes to your build there.

  • swapped motherboard for a GIGABYTE GA-970A-D3P AM3+/AM3(I've used the motherboard I've listed and it gave me no problems)
  • swapped RAM for and ADATA XPGv2 8gb kit
  • swapped HDD for 240gb SSD (You can always add an HDD later. If you don't want and SSD though, you can get a 1tb HDD and save $50)
  • swapped GPU for and ASUS 270 DCII
  • swapped case for a much cheaper Cougar case
  • swapped monitor for a slightly cheaper 23" Acer IPS monitor
  • swapped gaming mouse for a cheaper E-3lue Mazer gaming mouse (It's a relatively unknown brand but I've been using one for months without having any issues.)

Why does everyone choose such small monitors? 1080p still looks fine on a 27 inch monitor, even if people beg to differ. 

Because they're cheaper