Is this good? my build im gettting next month






cpu cooler:




p.s. i already have a gpu

Can't see anything.

ugh i made it public




Same old, same old. It'll work just fine. Some might suggest a better PSU/MOBO/ETC, but in reality it wont matter all that much.

Are you gonna run on the iGPU?


Have fun with the build!

using my gt640 till i can get a gtx780, i mainly play moba games and some fps


i would get a 750w psu there's one from thermaltake for 80bucks give you some headroom for overclocking your cpu with that sexy cooler

and anti static crap isnt worth it really... touch some metal and put the motherboard on the plastic wrap it came in

The build looks good man. Here is what I put together. Its basically the same with some minor changes:

This build has a fractal design core 3000 USB 3.0... I like the design better.

The ram is a low voltage ram that is just as fast as the one you listed. Saves evergy and you wallet (and you can overclock it better if you wanted)

I also upgraded the PSU. The one you had was too close to the minimum for a GTX 780, so it wouldn't give you much room for overclocking your stuff.

With the money I saved by shopping at different sites I would buy an SSD which I included in the build

Now if I was going to build something on the same budget, I would would do this:

This is basically the same thing, but with an AMD 8350. I would want an 8 thread CPU for a long term build. At the end of next year we will start seeing a lot of 8 thread games that will be ported from/to the 8 thread consoles. what about this, i might use a noctua or the other cooler. idk yet

using same ram as in 1st build ima go this

If it's not too late, I would get the 8350 processor with a cheaper cooler.

This is the same money but will give you more performance. The 8350 starts where the 8320 ends for some people. Then you can get a decent overclock with that hyper 212 evo. It should get that 8350 to 4.5 no problem. Many people can only get the 8320 to 4.0 or 4.1 GH (I know some people get higher, but there is no garruntee)