Is this good for $815

I know someone locally who is selling his Alienware x51 (I know it's Alienware but it's cheap) for $815. Here are the specs.

I7 3770


8GB RAM @1600Mhz

Alienware Mobo

330W PSU

Windows 7 64 Bit

It seems pretty goo to me.

This is roughly what they are offering:

So, no, $815 isn't that great. Below $650, and maybe.


Why would he have a 3770 with that GPU?

That's Alienware for you.

They make me sick lol.

That PSU! lawl.

There's nothing on that system that I would consider "good".

The i7 is the only part to consider, it is the most valuable, and you can buy it new for $230. The rest of the system is trash. And you don't need an i7 for gaming.

The refreshed versions comes with the Haswell AND a 670

How about that! (sarcasm)

4GB of ram, really?

just out of curiousity, where'd you find the alienware mobo, and is it mini itx?

nope, and do you want a 850 build?


nah, im looking at a $700 dollar build


well I got work in the AM so I tell you what come back tomorrow around midnight and I should have a build posted on this thread for you