Is this enough 850W?

Is 850w good enough for this pc

That psu is heaps strong enough.

btw do you plan to RAID those ssds?

Yes, it's more than plenty. You could even get away with a 750w PSU, but I would just stick with the 850w for a little bit of overhead. It'll be useful for overclocking and future upgrades.

Is there any reason why you want that particular SSD? There's other models that are just as good and cost a lot less.

The Samsung 840 Evo costs $25 less and you get 10 GB extra storage per SSD.


I am going to oc the GPU's and the CPU and the warranty is longer on the ssd's.

Ah, I see. Which I guess at your budget, you're not exactly worried about pinching pennies. :)

Will you be doing a build log once you acquire the parts?

No, I will not do a build log mostly because I will not start with all thees parts I will build this and then get the upgrades over time and I do plan to play at 1440p.

There are too many of these threads. Its getting rediculous.

It will be fine, go read the reviews please before posting.,4.html