Is this case Good

ive been looking around for a new case and i stummbled upon this one,

it seems ok but ive never heard of rosewill, whats your opinion?





What are you going to put in it?
Generally it is a good case, i have used it in a build for a friend, I use rosewill cases in a lot of my builds on here
Rosewill I'd newegg's in house manufacturer, meaning its the "Walmart brand" of newegg. I have had nothing but good experiences with rosewill, but not all of their power supplies are qaulity ones.
Quality rosewoll series include green, Capstone, and fortress they win many awards from sites like anandtech, hardwaresecerts and Jinny guru

Seems to be highly reviewed. Some of the best products available are rated 4/5 on Newegg. The fact it's 5/5 means a lot really. Especially after 1000 some odd reviews. Be careful. You can get the ANTEC Three Hundered Twelve for like $60 which has much more reliable fans. 

cases are really never 'bad' unless the desigh is reall screwed up.... there's big cases, there's mid-size cases, and there's budget cases.... mostly a matter of budget and personal preference....

I personally am going to get a thor V2 for my build... I like the massive, quiet cooling

its the best budget in history, period.

  I was looking at this case just the other day and I must say for the price I was impressed. It comes with 3 fans and even the rear expansion slots are held in with screws. Not the break off kind you usually get in a case in this price range. Even the inside is painted black and one of my favourite HAF 912 does not come with that little extra. Looks like a very nice budget case to me.