Is this build good?

This is the mATX build i am about to buy, and i was wondering if i should wait for the 700 series from nvidia, or even haswell. Thanks in advance.

The 700 series products from Nvidia and the Haswell processors will be very expensive at the beginning and the prices of the current products will drop.


If this build is more for gaming, you should consider replacing the 670 with an AMD 7950 or even an 7970(


For the memory you are better off with two sticks of 8GB each, rather than 4 sticks of 4GB each. For example these are much less expensive. Look  for any pair of two 8GB sticks, you will end up saving some money.


Regarding the power supply : you don't necessarily need an 80+ Platinum PSU, even a Bronze certified PSU is good enough, as far as it has a single 12V rail and has high quality components (usually from manufacturers like CoolerMaster, Corsair, Seasonic, Thermaltake, NZXT etc.).


Ok, i see your points. I would get the 7970, but this is a mATX build so the triple slot 7970 limits my sli/crossfire ability. I would also get the 2x8gb, but i like the asthetics of all the slots filled, and i would never need more than 16gb. Any red themed gpu thats dual slot i would consider.

there are only 2 7970s that are triple slots. the asus DCUII and the HIS iceQ.

to there is no need to assume everyone is 3slot, just get a 2 slotter.

I like the black/red color scheme though. I know not all 7970s take up 3 slots.

I have the death adder, and this is what i have to say about it.

if you have small hands go for it (it seems to be desgined for palm grip, but it works alright with claw grip)

if you have medium hands you will probably have to claw grip it

if you have large hands dont even look at it

and if i remember right, windows 7 home prem only supports up 16 gigs of ram, so you would be pushing it

What mouse do you recommend for medium to large hands then? Also, anyone know of a black and red dual slot 680?