Is this build good?

i alredy have the GPU, POwer Suply, and HDD.

Ah, so you already have the GPU, PSU and HDD in the build link? Alrighty.

Well, the rest looks sound for a sort of middle rung rig. What do you hope to do with it?

I like the FX-6300 more and more lately, so a good choice there. Do you intend to overclock?

Yeah I already have the GPU, PSU, HDD. I will manly use it for gaming,and just regular computer use., maybe some photo and video editing  later o.

Anyone else have any opinions.

That build will not be adequate for OC'ing, you need a better CPU cooler and motherboard.

I don't think ill really OC, but what would you recomened ?

I'm with anarmypig there - thus my question about overclocking. The ASRock boards, in particular the lower end ones, aren't great for OC.

Well I don't have that much to spend (around $300) it's the best I found for the money 

What are you buying for 300$?

If I follow that build you posted, its too much for just 300$...

I don't know about the Encore brand, but if it's anything like Rosewill, it'll suck.

I'm buying what ever is on that link. I have the PSU, GPU, HDD. Subtract does 3 and you'll get around $300.

We'll I need a wireless card, so what shoul I get then ?

See what an ASUS M5A97 R2.0 will set you back, may be similarly priced and are generally nicer boards.

Any ideas ?

I wouldn't fuss too much over a brand for a wireless card - whatever is affordable and offers decent transfer speeds. I'm using a cheap Netgear and it's fine.

Oh ok, thanks.