Is this build compatible? Any suggestions?


It's actually a suggested build made by a certain youtuber, but I've seen comments saying that they are having troubles with the build. If any insight or information could be given I'd be grateful, I'm a newbie at this and the games I'm wanting to play are games such as Arma III and Battlefield. Thanks in advance.


Also, my budget is $600 - £400. Try to keep that in mind!

I can't see any obvious issues with it, though if you are going to play BF3 I would recommend that you try to squeeze a quad core into the build.

The i3 is a fine gaming processor, but if you would like to future proof a little more and are willing to try an AMD build then I would suggest the following:

This comes in about fifteen bucks over $600 after rebates (not sure how you are about that, if you don't want to go the rebate route then let us know and we will think of something else)

You will thank me later for the extra cores and as much as I love NVIDIA, the 7850 should beat the GTX 650Ti at a not too different price.

Thanks for the reply, but I can't help but notice that your pcpartpicker link isn't public? Can you save it so I could view it? Thanks.

Sorry about that! Re-posted.

Here's some data on the video card differences:

Thank you very much!

That's the one. If you can afford the bit of difference there, it will future-proof your system quite a bit. The goal in doing a build I think isn't just to consider the price of parts now, but how soon you will need to upgrade again.

As mentioned, the i3 is a pretty nice chip for the price, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind with them. Firstly, overclocking becomes a null possibility, and secondly despite the presence of hyperthreading it is still a dual core at the end of the day. So it will perform well in the short term, but as time progresses it will rapidly become poorer as more titles start to take advantage of more cores.

The FX-6300 on the other hand, has more cores and will be more fully utilised. Also, we know that the AM3+ socket will also support the new Steamroller generation of AMD CPUs when they eventually come out. This means you have upgradability without having to change the motherboard should you want it. The motherboard I have chosen for you there will also support the eight core CPUs should you decide to move to one later on.

In short, the i3 looks like better value now, but the AMD build will be cheaper in the long run as you likely won't need to change a thing for two or three years (and should be able to game at 1080p at great textures that whole time).