Is this any good?

Im looking to buy a new CPU cooler as the stock thats with my AMD Phenom II BE is horrendously loud. So ive looked and found the Zalman CNPS7500, its nice and cheap and as i dont indend to overclock or at least not much (maybe 0.2-0.4Ghz). Anyway, will it work?

Heres the best review/overview i found

yeah it will work. I personaly recommend the coolermaster hyper 212 evo. Its pretty quiet 

get a xigmatek gaia its like 24 bucks and performs about as well as a 212

I don't really know anything about it, but it looks like it would work fine, but I  also recommend the Hyper 212 evo from Cooler Master.

I used the Zalman 9900 and yes, it keeps my cpu nice and cool. I wold never use one again. What a royal pain in the butt to install. The instructions are too rough to wipe yourself with but that is about all they are good for. Look at the Cooler Master V6 as well. nice push pull configuration and a breeze to install. I also use top quality thermal paste. As always, just my opinion.