Is this any good for a 800 price point? first time

i know its AMD and i would have gone Intel until i watched this

so again if i could get some feed back such as if this good are there better parts for around the same price idk anything you say is appreciated or if you have a build for the 800 price point thats cool too ty <3

Better GPU pls. R9 270. That video is old and to base your decision between either Intel or amd on one video is silly. What do you plan on using your PC for?

Cheaper and much more powerful


well that one is more powerful but not cheaper

i dont mean to be hard headed, but from what im seeing the amd 8350 is looking better and better than any i5 and theres no point in getting an i7

i've made some changes since i post so take a look?

I have seen only 1 game where the FX 8350 was better than i5, and it was bf 4. The FX 8350 won by 1 fps on max framerates, but lost significantly on average and minimum FPS. Also keep in mind, that if op ever wants to play DayZ or Arma games, he will be dissapointed because AMD CPU's have so weak single core performance.

I'm not a fanboy and usually i recommend AMD cpu's, but when the budget allows it, id always go with an intel CPU.

Also, R9 280 will be more powerful than a GTX 760. And I have personally worked with that thermaltake case, and it is horrible. The mobo won't connect to there properly because the mounting holes were somehow not where they were supposed to, and the mobo just barely fits in there. The case also comes with only 1 fan included.

o.O yours was 818$ and the one i made was 780$ :o

What do you think about this:

I think the AMD is better for your money. And it kills the i5 in benchmarks (sorce: almost all the new high end games support at least 4 cores and the rest are not that powerful. + Games build on the GPU and the 280 is totally fine.


thats what i've been seeing too, i like you're better the only thing is that the ram isn't low profile so im worried about it not fitting under that aftermarket cup cooler 

what when i looked at it is was over 800 by like 10 not much but it was 

i have heard that about that tower and ill admit its the reason i chose it was purely cosmetic but no matter how hard it is to work with i think i'll tuff it out i really like that white/black, same goes with the gpu but i was think i'd just upgrade latter when i cam in to some more money of i'd just add another and run them in crossfire just cause can