Is this an okay build?

So, I kept around my price range..well more or less. I poked around the internet and wound up with this build 

probably could be improved upon, but would like to keep the price around $600~$650 even thought this cost like $540










You could probably cut back on the PSU and use that money for some faster RAM, other than that, I see nothing wrong.

What would you recommend ?

I changed the motherboard in order to have USB 3.0 support in the front (as the one you picked out doesn't have a USB 3.0 header); found some faster memory for a bit cheaper, added some more storage (as it was only 10$ more); threw in a much faster GPU (the 7870 trades blows with the 660ti, but is much cheaper); and changed your PSU with a modular one (which will help out with cable routing), and it's also a tad more efficient (80 Plus Bronze instead of 80 Plus).