Is this a solid Motherboard for 8350 OCing?

Hi guy's I'm brand new to this forum but I've been watching Logan and his pals for a while now. I wouldn't have had the guts to open up my Dell Desktop and take it apart/upgrading it without TekSyndicate. So many thanks to you guys! Anyways my question is, would this be a solid build? I've heard that AsRock Extreme9 isn't a very OC friendly board for the FX-8350, what are you're thoughts on that? What other motherboards would you recommend? The Sabertooth is only about $15 away but I don't like the color scheme on it and the Crosshair Formula-Z looks AMAZING but might be overkill just for color scheme. Anyways bottom line is what's the best motherboard for OCing and life expectancy that's under $200. I've got a feeling I might just have to bite the bullet and get the Fromula-Z since I've heard such great things about it, but if there's a board for a better bang for my buck I'll definitely go with that. Aesthetics is also a bonus; I've got a red and black theme going on.

I've got the build spreed sheet on imgur if you guy's are curious. Too lazy to type everything out.

Parts Carrying Over:

Cooling: Noctua NH-D14

PSU: Corsair TX650w Enthusiast Modular Series 80 Plus Bronze

HDD: 1TB HD (Forgot what brand, came with a Dell)

 [Side-note:Is it just me does underline not show up on your posts?] (on sale) (if you can fine one for cheap because its limited edition and its what im using) ( heard good things about this board) 


Oh man.. That Sabertooth is way out of my budget range. Anyways I read that I shouldn't really buy used parts even though my Gigabyte EP45-UD3L is off of Ebay LOL. It's actually handled a light overclock but one of the ram slots is dead :/ Anyways, I was looking at the gigabyte boards but got discouraged since someone had said they're not as good as Asus. Sales are meaning less to me right now because I won't be buying till Black Friday but would the UD7 fair well with a OC as high as 5.0 Ghz and will it run ram at 2133?

Try the sabertooth fx990 r2 then. Its much cheaper and has the same powerphases, basicly the same everything.

I'm also looking at the ram speeds since I'm going to get some G.Skill Sniper DDR3 2133s. Would the Sabertooth run that? It doesn't say on the specs that newegg provided 

Yeah i wouldnt recommend buying that board from ebay but if you can find one for under 200$ its a steal. Yes the UD7 should hold those OC's but i dont think you are gunna pull 5.0ghz off of that noctua. you would need to look into at least a closed loop system.

Yes It will run 2133mhz ram w/o any issues it just doesn't officially support it. It is easily configurable in the bios.

Hmm.. I really don't know anymore now. Over at Tom's Hardware they said the AsRock should work perfectly for overclocking for the cheaper price. But I trust Asus more since there's more customer reviews on Newegg and it's a brand I know. I guess I'll go with the Sabertooth since it is a Sabertooth after all and I trust Asus more. Unless I get a ridiculously good deal on the Formula-Z. Thanks for the help! 

Last thing, would my 650w PSU handle the GTX-770 and a 4.5-4.8 GHz overclock for the 8350? 

Whats wrong with the extreme 9? If your going by this toms hardware benchmark it wont mean anything when it comes to gaming.

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If anything you should be going after the 990fx pro r2.0 from Asus. It supports 2133 as listed on newegg.

It is better value for money than the Sabertooth. Considering the only thing major difference to me is the power phase (8+2) and the hideous colour scheme. 

There are many people on this forum that have used the 990fx pro and have got very good overclocking results on it. Even logan has gotten a 5ghz overclock according to MysteryAngel. Sorry to drag you in on this Mystery.

logan did an oc on the 8350 to 5ghz on it

My point being if your willing to spend an extra $40 for a extreme overclock like 5ghz and an ugly colour scheme go for it. But if you want the best value for money go for a cheaper board that would be able to handle it about the same. 

If i'm not mistaken most 8350's that hit 5ghz are now hard to find due to them being used as the newer 9xxx series Cpu's.

Ahh thank you that cleared out somethings. But sadly.. I really can't bear too look at that absurd color scheme on the Asus Pro. So would you recommend the AsRock 9 as the next best thing for best bang for my buck since it does have 12+2 power phase and the 2133 memory standards im looking for. 

Yes i would recommend it as it has very good reviews all over the internet. And if you win the silicon lottery you will get amazing overclocks.

Thank you very much! I'll stick with the build I've got then and what do you mean winning the silicon lottery? I take it as a joke? One last thing, would my Corsair TX650w be enough to handle the GTX-770 with the 8350 thats mildly Oc'd? Say 4.0-4.5? 

To my knowledge wining the silicon lottery is when you could get a cpu that can get very high overclock with not using to much voltage and having lower temps.

The 650 is more than enough for the 8350 at 4.5ghz and the 770. 

Then again getting to 5Ghz isn't the real challenge (at least it wasn't for me)

The challenge is to get the performance to stick. If it goes up and down, cores shutting all around, you might be better off with a lesser overclock. (This is what happened with me. My overal performance went down, I couldn't match the voltage and thermal requirements, also I wasn't going to go above 1.57v anyways)

While I admit that getting to 5ghz without crashing is pretty cool, it's not the entire cake you have won over...

I guess what I'm trying to say that, if you are not going for a cherrypicked 9000 series, an overkill motherboard isn't needed in the first place.

  1. Asus croshair V Formula Z  8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  2. Asus sabertooth                 8+2 powerphase digi vrm
  3. Asrock 990FX Fatal1ty pro 12+2 powerphase digi vrm
  4. Asrock 990FX Extreme9   12+2 powerphase digi vrm solid caps.

All thease boards are great boards for extreme overclocking.

Thank you guys so much for the help!  So the Crosshair V Formula Z will remain at the top of my interest but unless I don't get a great deal on it then Asrock will be my best back up plus it's a bit cheaper than the Sabertooth.