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Is this a meme yet? Cyberpunk 2077 delayed yet again (21 days)

So I guess F for everyone who took vacation days for the release because they thought the date had to be final at some point.

I understand the need to test and I have nothing against delays in general, but 3 weeks notice for a hyped game like this is getting ridiculous.

To be clear about it: I’m not mad about the delay, I’m mad that they made a whole big deal out of it being gold and basically telling the customers that the date is final, and then decide on a 3 weeks notice that it isn’t.

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I am sad :frowning:

This aged well.

edit for not-twitter people:


Is this a thing?


This is absolutely a thing especially in this year where noone can go on vacation anyway and people have leftover vacation days.

But even if it wasn’t 2020 there are a bunch of people that take time off for long-awaited games.

Just look at [insert random MMORPG expansion here].


Huh I guess. Initially I thought it was a silly idea, then I thought again and you are right about all of those details.

I still think it is silly though just for different reasons now. Like I would probably do that too but like a week after release or something so that I can actually have the likely 20+GB patch downloaded on top of the Already large game and the time for the various bugs being found, patched and worked around.

I would hate to take that time off to only be pissed I wasted my time because it is broken

Well yeah that’s true, but it would affect those people as well.

Suppose you happen to take vacation 4 weeks after release, expecting 4 weeks of bug finding and fixing in that time. And then suddenly you’re down to 1 week of it.

Either way people are getting screwed over their plan. it doesn’t affect the “delayed” people as much, but it still does to a degree.

Also full disclaimer:
I took 2 weeks off for it (1 initially, but I had leftover days).

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I have vacation scheduled the week of the previous release date for completely unrelated reasons, but I was super excited to have a couple days I could just sit down and play it. Now I won’t have much time to play it until mid-January :frowning:

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The Cynic in my also wants to say 10th of December is PRIME holiday rush… where sales might not be any different over all, now they might get the week one peak sales and break records and make the release “look” better than it is on numbers and speed alone.

I’ve made the call (not here) that it’s going to be delayed what feels like more than a handful of times in a row now. I’m waiting for the time when I’m finally wrong.

Well maybe stop calling the delays when they’re listening :eyes:

Anything it takes for them to release gold. I think many people learned lessons from the initial No Man’s Sky release. I say take all the time they need. People have high expectations and we have seen them deliver before. I waited this long. I can wait longer.


I guess I gotta wear my tinfoil hat now because the 5g antennae they’re hiding in the forests in which I live are giving me cancer, reading my mind and turning my frogs gay.

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I agree in all those points, which is why I said that’s not what I’m mad about.

I’m mad about them for making a big deal out of the gold master, confirming there will be no delays again over and over, but then going and delaying again with a 3 weeks notice. At some point people are going to assume that a date is final and might take some days off. And then they go and ruin it at a 3 weeks notice. That’s just a d**k move to customers too.

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I can dig that for sure. There is always the very good chance especially at this point that there is some 3rd party meddling that is delaying the launch. Someone down the line in or outside of CD probably received some recent data hot off the botnet server that releasing it on that date is the most optimal for profits that even outweigh the admittedly minimal consumer backlash they will receive. CD from my experience has been pretty cool and open about their practices so I have high hopes if it was a delay based on greed that it was a 3rd party’s meddling.

Slowly, CDPR is starting to look like a joke, and in December they will say that it will be in February because something …
A pro troll would sum it up best. :slight_smile:

23H lol…

Massively disagree. I am not excited in the slightest for this game, but it can only be good that they want to delay and finish the game instead of releasing unfinished unpolished buggy game like some companies I can Bethesda I mean mention…


Clearly there was some miscommunication within the company. Is it a big deal? Eh, definitely looks sloppy. But it will be memory holed once the game comes out and all the people saying that this was a disgraceful announcement will be too busy playing it.

This is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

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This game was due to be released in 2019 … it’s the third date shift. It is not about when the game is released and how much time they spend on corrections, it is about the fact that they make noise that there is gold, and 23 hours earlier confirms people that 19 is still valid. This is not a serious approach.
They must have known for X days that 19 was a fiction, but they were still bullshitting people.
I don’t care about it, neither on the game nor on cdrp, but I just see a typical BS …
Or they have such a mess inside that nobody controls anything that was rumored to be poorly managed by managers.
One day the employees say that 19.11 is ok and a day later a sudden change, for me it is not very serious behavior of a company that is at this level. Such a lack of planning the dates looks like an amateur, of course the delays were and will be, but in cdpr it was similar with W3 where they also postponed the dates. CDPR has a recurring tendency to this and I think someone should be fired because it does not look like a typical delay because there is a lot of work to be done, this pattern repeats too often to talk about bad luck.

In addition, a sudden delay is not something very typical, it can happen, but …

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