Is this a HD error?

Alright so.I have reinstalled windows 7 ultimate sp1.It worked fine at start.After I installed everything the pc would make weird sounds at windows shut down.I would leave the speakers plugged and on and put shutdown and while the pc was shutting down the speakers would release noise.Then this happened to me.I was working on my computer and suddenly the screen just flashed white and went black.I had my headset on and the sounds of the program I was working in where still on.I could still hear it,like it was working.The pc was on,but it wouldn't respond....I had a similar issue with an old pc,and it turned out my hd had bad sectors and it was a kernel error....Is this the case again ? The HD is a Seagate Barracuda 3.5,500 GB

That might help. Or run chkdsk through windows.

I forgot to mention that my Advance system care would find Hard Disk NTFS errors from day one....the disk type is st500dm002-1bd142