Is this a good server NIC card?

I'm attempting to put a server together from some old parts. The server is going to be my media/data machine. I want it to do weekly backups, store all of my media, and act as an HTPC. There will be 7-8 devices connected to the server and I wanted to know if an Intel pro 1000 quad NIC card will suffice. The model # is EXPI9404PT. I find these cards on Amazon frequently for $130-150. I'm new to server builds so I don't know if it is a good buy or if will even work with my setup. I'll also list the current specs on the machine that I have obtained. Thanks for the advice guys.

AMD Phenom 9550

Asus Crosshair III

Crucial M4 64GB

Radeon HD 3850

:edit: after rereading post

yes it is a good nic

This is a month old....but it depends on the OS.

It doesn't make any sense to spend the money on a quad NIC if you're not running an operating system that can't take advantage of it. If you're using Windows, you need Server.

If you're using Linux, which distro?

One thing I would like to bring up is to be careful when you buy cheap intel branded quad NICs.
Take a look here:

There's actually a SIGNIFICANT amount of "fake" intel cards floating around from Chinese sellers that will prematurely die on you.