Is this a good rig?

So my friend's laptop broke the other day and i wanted to build a desktop to last him for a few years. I was wondering if these parts were good and if the price:performance ratio was good. Thank you.

Hard Drive:




CD Drive

case and supply

Graphics Card

It costs 867 dollars (US currency) in total.

EDIT: I want 16 GB of ram for future programs that may use as much and for multi tasking. Also, I am switching to this

graphics card cause the one i was hoping to use is out of stock. thats what i would get for ram other wise its fine.

You don't need 16GBs of ram for gaming.  Maybe in the future, but not for awhile.

And then use the money you save to get something like:

best price to gb. thats what i always go for.

Thanks though the point of the build is to last for (hopefully) half a decade. Additionally, it doesn't really need a better graphics card than what i suggested. 

Thank you for your reply.

are you editing or gaming? and would you like the same performance for less cost or better for same price

The GPU I suggested is identical to yours.  The R9 270X is a restickered HD 7870.  The card has a dual fan cooler, and is cheaper than the R9 270X.(I don't know why I said "Better", might have meant to link an HD 7950 or something).

16GBs would last quite awhile.  If that fits your needs, shoot for it!

It amazes me how people are so negative against 16GB of RAM still, it's like some just simply refuse to believe that it can be used.

Most people who are enthusiasts build PC's not just for gaming and even those who game are not gaming 100% of the time. Load up a game, alt+tab out, have a browser with a few tabs open, spotify playing music etc. It's used, let alone if you play around with the odd virtual machine like I do.

Even with all of the above aside ^

I wish I was at home so that I could login to BF4 and show you how much of my memory/CPU/GPU it actually uses and that's on 3770k, 16GB ram and R9 290.

If you want it to last and you can afford a decent 16GB memory kit without sacrificing other parts - my 2cents is go for it.

Everything looks good but I'd consider buying a 80 plus power supply, because I guarantee the one included with the case is a generic and therefore mediocre or bad power supply.

If you do buy a different power supply, take a look at this one, it's priced decently and fully modular,

maybe because

  1. the average joe doesn't use a VM
  2. because it cost twice as much in a BUDGET build when 8 does just fine

exactly my reasoning.

A decent 500W will be fine and leave you with some headroom for OC.  However, I do agree about getting something that's at least 80+ Bronze cert.

VM was the later extreme example.

I gave a perfect everyday example prior to that which you seem to have skipped over. RAM is actually fairly affordable, if you cannot stretch 16GB fine, I get the budget.

What I don't understand is when people want to future proof as this thread starter does (as much as one can, if you can future proof even) and they have the money for 16GB why people - then - insist on saying its not required.

I wasn't talking about a $400 build here.

No thank uou, i have a spare supply if this one wont work. However, i was under the impression that this power supply was good enough for my part set.

I am going to be using it mainly for gaming, productivity (microsoft office), and hopefully screen capture (and thwerefore editing.) Also, i chose the 16 GB because the set costs less then buying a single 8GB now and another later. Also, please keep in mind that the main point of this project is to last a long time, and cost is therefore secondary.