Is this a good quality PSU?

Hello. This is my first post on these forums, and I was hoping to get some help with a PSU that I'm planning to buy.

So, I was thinking of upgrading my hardware, mostly my GPU and PSU, because the stuff I have now sucks. (AMD Radeon HD 4200 and a Lite-On 250W PSU) I was going to buy a Gigabyte GTX 750 1GB GDDR5 GPU. I was also going to buy this PSU: (Not sure what it's exact name is, since I'm still fairly new to PSU related manners).

Anyways, I've watched some videos and read some articles, generally educated myself, and of course, they told me not to cheap out on this part. My question is, if I were to buy this PSU, since it seems reasonably cheap compared to some of the other 500 W PSUs I've seen on that website, would it explode and burn my house down or something?

But on a more serious note, does this PSU work well? Does anyone have any personal experience with this particular model? Because from what I've read/watched, buying cheap PSUs is pretty risky, and I don't really want to screw with that.

I use what I believe is the 600w version of this PSU for my home theater PC, and it has worked fine now for around 9 months. That powers a AMD 8350 and GTX 750. While it's probably not the best of the best, it is still solid. And it's EVGA, they'll at least be decent, even if it's cheaper.

I've got a friend who I recently helped build a gaming PC, and we used an EVGA 750w PSU. I think it has different design internally than this (like, it's not the same "series" of PSU or whatever) but it seems to work just fine. It's solid, its semi modular, its quiet, it was affordable, I can't complain too much. He's only had said PC for a month or so, but I haven't noticed any odd foreshadowing of future issues with it.

To keep it short and sweet.

Whoever told you not to skimp out on the power supply is absolutely correct. the power supply is powering your system, you don't want to get a cheap low-quality power supply. lol that component alone, is for all intensive purposes the heart of your build, you want to be sure you have good quality components in your system.

What you need to know is the following.

  • Make sure you pay attention to amps supplied by the 12-Volt Rail.
    Most graphics cards require 40 is amps to power your graphics card.
    that PSU has that. and most 80+ power supplies will have that.
  • When shopping for Power Supplies make sure you look for that "80+" stamp on the PSU. of course they are rated by Bronze, silver, gold, platinum, the lowest in terms of quality are the bronze, but they are still capable for budget-like builds. and is more than enough for you.

Thanks for the help everyone. Now I know it should be a reasonably sturdy Power supply. I got a little worried because it was a 500 W PSU available only for a pretty low price compared to the other 500 W PSUs on that website