Is this a good processor?

is this a good gaming processor for my first gaming pc?

Intel Pentium G850 2.9GHz Dual-Core Processor


depending on what you're doing....

You're probably better off spending a little more money getting a phenom II x4. But I do have a friend with this processor and a GTX 560 that dosen't experience any bottlenecks and runs games just fine.

You can get for 60 pounds/90$ quad core processor Athlon 2 x4 750k and a cheapest FM2 motherboard and buy a Radeon HD 7790 and you can games at 1080p...

i guess that depends on the game...


a wise man once said never buy a last generation cpu (is that even last generation?), then again, are we talking flash games

that will be fine for most with a mid to low graphic card but anything big like a 7950 or higher and it could bottleneck it. But most games still only use two cores.



what about a xfx 7770


Phenom 2 x4 965 is a good processor but Athlon 2 x4 750k is a bit better and consumes far less and better overclocker but you will need an FM2 motherboard but if you don't ever plan to get a Kaveri then go with a cheaper ones... Athlon 2 x4 750k can handle a 7870 max.

For the same price that I'm finding the Athlon X4 750k on Amazon, I would rather buy a socket AM3+ compatible Phenom II X6 1045T, even if it isn't unlocked, it still overclocks very well with just system bus adjustments, plus it does have 6 cores. Also, I can't really find any concrete benchmark evidence besides one random page. I'm not exactly happy with how little can be found about that processor, and subsequently believe that something went tragically wrong for AMD not to have any information on their webpage about it anymore, since it is out for socket FM2, and that socket isn't all that old.