Is this a good price/performance build?

is this a good price/performance build ? ( my budget is € 850,-)

Do you have a budget?

yea at the moment €850,-

What retailers can you buy from in Holland?

I'd like to say, that everything is quite good. But in my case I'd definitely change CPU cooler to Cooler Master 212 Evo becouse of price/performance ratio. Secondly I'd change SSD to any A-DATA, Samsung or Intel SSD also becouse of price/performance/durability ratio. And in my opinion your chosen video card looks awful, so in my case I would just change it to same Gigabyte card as it looks good and also has +1 air cooler.

I don't see whats wrong with that video card,

what is the problem of the video card ? and also still thanks for your help

this are a cople of retailers

Take a look.

Hey there!

I would stick with asrock board, but change the ram to either some mushkin or g.skill memory. I find they got a good performance for what you pay. The change to a Hyper 212 Evo would be wise, even tough the difference is not huge or anything.

Also, I wouldn't buy a 7950. Sure, it has a good performance, but I would save some bucks, and buy a 7870, overclock it and spend the rest of the money down the road on something you may need later. Price/Performance ratio decreases with the raise in  cost of a graphics card (generally).

Just my opinion ^^

Edit: Forgott to mention that Samsung SSDs may not be the fastest, but are the best (I think) in Price per GB. You won't even notice the minor speed difference from other drives.

A 7950 destroys a 7870.

In my opinion, the 7950 is the best choice of card, for any system. The price to performance is astonishing. And the 7950 is suitable for any resolution.

thanks for your help and your build was really nice but i chanced the SSD do you think it is a good SSD ?

well don´t put a FX6350 125Wtdp cpu, on a Asrock 970 extreme 3/4 or 990FX extreme 3 if you plan to play with overclocking. those 4+1 powerphase and weak vrm´s are just  not made for that. if you still want one of those boards for theire feutures, then put a FX6300 on it!

Grtz Angel ☺

he he sorry but are those motherboards not made for that amount of Watt? and what's the big diffrents between the FX 6300 and the FX 6350 for overclocking  apart of the amount of Watts it uses?

do you meant that the build should be more like this ? ( is this better ?)

thanks for your help how do you think about the kingston SSD now V300 ?


Kingston SSDNow V300