Is this a good pc?

Ok, Will the psu be enough? Also is this a good pc for video editing and gaming. Feel free to make improvements without making the price more expensive.

What is the budget?

what are you going to be doing more video editing rendering or gaming?

Gaming. I will  be recording it with fraps and commentating over it and then editing and rendering in sony vegas. Budget is about 535.

It seems good but 16 gigs of ram really helps your render time.

I know. I will be getting 8 gb more of ram later :D

will you be needing cuda or open cl to render?

also what region are you for the US your list total price is showing $611.

No cuda or cl, Also listing price doesnt matter. Promo and rebates will make it alot less.

if you even get the rebates ive had no luck getting any of the ones ive sent in.


i have sent 2 in before never got anything for either one of them.

one of them i had called to find out when abouts i would get it i was told the check would be in the mail soon next time i was told they never got the papers.

Mabye got the wrong adress? Mabye the shipping company was retards?

idk all i am trying to say is dont rely on rebates and in the best of situations you will have to wait a few monthsa before you see your money back.


I dont really want to use integrated graphics...

you can always get a good video card later and be able to get something a bit better then you had listed.

Intel isnt very good for a budget. Gaming is important to me though.

With such a small budget, go AMD.

I got a case with USB 3, which made it more expensive than I'd like for this build.  But anyways, there you go.