Is this a good pc build(first time some1 helped me)


I will add a better SSD in the future. I will overclock the 8350 to about 4.6-4.8ghz. and i will also overclock the nvidia 780s, will the phanteks handle that very well?


Which monitor will be good with the 780(dont want a really expensive one) will the case be good? and is the power supply good? is 650WATTS enough or everything including the overclock and the graphics and the 8350.


Is my motherboard good? Is the ram good for hosting a minecraft server and streaming and is that brand good?



Looks solid; just like we discussed in Skype last night, everything there is quality - very nice rig. You know about the option of 7950 CF, but I personally think a 780 is a very nice investment, especially since it offers a great upgrade path.

He was talking to you? But... he was talking to me on Steam D;

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That Seasonic was mine, b**ch.


I told him Seasonic G 550, you cankerous whore!

I did recommend 550-600. Still trying to get him to buy the 840 pro

Not worth the premium for higher writes over the capacity of the 840, to me at least. For a boot drive, the 840 and 840 Pro are identical, but in writing data, they will be noticeably different. I'd rather get more SSD than less, albeit faster SSD.

I was talking about the 256. That's 6GB extra, silly.

If he can fit it in his budget without compromising anything else, then hell yeah, get the 840 Pro!

thanks alot to both of u hahaahah

You have no idea of the cost.

What the hell does that mean?

Worst part is, the entire conversation on Steam didn't let me generate any damn XP in these forums.

It's 4.23 here. I'm tired. And the whole scenario didn't net any XP! That cost.

I want to say that I could care less about XP, but it is my life.

is tax and shipping alot its like 12$ each part and gst/hst/pax is 50$ total of tax holy

The Fractal design black r4 windowed version is $90 on newegg right now, and with the extra $50 you can get the pro version of the SSD. Also, getting a GTX 780 from newegg will save you $40 if you get a galaxy version. :p

EDIT: forget the galaxy version get this, Only one with an aftermarket cooler and cheaper than that MSI one!

Thx I'm in CanAda so it is different?? What's better in performance graphics the msI or galaxy, wll it be any difference if I install pirated version of windows on a USB stick?? like would it be worse Version of retail of windows

The performance of the 780 is not determined by the brand of the card lol. Brand is just a brand. But, it may ship with a higher stock clock. Just get the cheapest one, you can always overclock them later.

And no, you don't pay shipping per part. You pay a shipping charge for all the collective goods you purchase from one vendor.