Is this a good monitor for gaming?

hey tek syndicate, i'm getting a Samsung S27B550V 27" monitor, I only have about $300 and I was wondering if you guys have any other suggestions for me, I'm going to be using this monitor mostly for my ps3 so i would like a monitor that doesn't have ghosting or a bad quality image. I don't have a headset so i'll need something with speakers or 3.5 mm jack so i can hook it up with my speakers.

I personally think the BenQ XL2420T is a better monitor for gaming du to it beeing 120Hz (120 Frames per second ready) 24" and I . The Samsung one is to big to be only 1080p in my opinion at least. remember it's about personal preference ;P

Hope this helps you

He is using it primarily for PS3 though, so a 120Hz monitor would be of no benefit to him.  Whilst the BenQ XL2420T is a great monitor for anyone wanting a 120Hz experience, theirs no real point in him getting it.

I too am looking to buy a new (or maybe two) new 1080p monitors but I havent yet come across one that really stands out (that I can afford atleast).  I'd love a thin bezel but they all seem to be marketing ploys. 

If you want good colour reproduction go for a monitor with a IPS or PLS panel, these panels also have great viewing angles but their response time is rated higher than TN panels. 

As to which actual monitor, I honestly couldn't tell you, I'm still hoking through all the ones currently available.

Use the audio on your sound card on your mobo or if you have a dedicated sound card. this one might work.

thanks guys, I appreciate the help