Is this a good image for ministry of stop it?

Hallo everyone ,

Just wanted to know if this is a nice idea or not ?


doesnt matter, dont think id be buying any more shirts



this is

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looks good to me, but I'd have to agree with @yuurei


Both images are not showing up sorry

That's because this thread is from before the website changed URL's...

You should prolly get in the habit of looking at the time stamps before posting on a thread.


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Oh thanks @eidolonFIRE i guess i a spoiled little brat. I am used to forums that not put up links from dead topics on the forum.

Yes true i should a take better look at times and dates. Not that an old post is worthless.

Thanks for fixing the links. Now i get it.. old Tek stuff. But still i dont get the post/question... A diablo necro drawing? Or uuh.. nah.. whatever.. sorry for wasting your time.

iCQ over and out

People just get uppity about necros for whatever reason. Don't worry about them, no harm no foul.


People getting uppidy about ¨necros¨? U meant ¨children get uppity¨ right?

I remember those days... i got upset because some dwarf or dragon came into my comic story line and confused the hell out of me. Or maybe i really completely missing the point here. People get ´uppity´ about a necro... so... what was his post about? Geeezzzz... we are sinking LOW (i am, and i am REALLY outa here now)

Those days are passed... there are no damons, necros, dragons, dwarfs, elfs.. etc etc sorry

Very true.

LOL. He didn't fix the links. That is the picture he posts when some one necros. Its from the Hobbit movies.

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This is the image OP posted.

if you ever come across a broken image link that links to teksyndicate. replace teksyndicate with level1techs. As you see that is what I did with the link I posted above. Its the same link OP posted, but with teksydnicate changed to level1techs.

This is the image that Drunk By Default posted:

I thought that the links would embed, but they didn't. :( This is good tho, because then you can see how I "fixed" the link.

If I ever get leadership powers, I'm going to find every broken image link and fix them. :D I will be such a good boy, that I will be on Santa's good list forever.


[img][/img] will fix images that won't automagically embed.




awe, I didn't mean to offend you. haha. I wasn't trying to be hostile.
Just a pro tip from one man to another on the time stamps. ;)

Also, "necro" is short for necromancer which is a sort of wizard or magician that brings things back form the dead. You can see now why it's called "necro'ing" a thread. ;)

This thread needs to be sent to Switzerland to be put down.

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I am sorry im a bit touchy lately. Thanks (REALLY) for the tips.... i think i know the necro term but often i find when i think i understand the meaning someone else points out it has a completely different meaning (for them).

I had a necro lvl 82 in diablo 2... drove me crazy guiding all them zombies around :-) went on with a sorcerer instead... teleporting all over.. BYE :-)

Hahahaha... maybe so yes... wont help tho... wont help..

Putting this one back to sleep for now.