Is This A Good Gaming Rig?

Haven't Built A PC In A Long Time, Looking For Something That Will Last Comment Your Opinions Plz.

Gave away my old rig. Havent built a pc in a while and was wondering if this would be a good build to play new upcoming MMO's.

Case - Thermaltake Level 10 GT Snow Edition

MOBO - Asus Sabertooth 990fx R2.0 

Video Card - Asus Radeon HD 7970 3GB

PSU - Corsair HX750 

CPU - AMD FX-8350 Vishera 4.0 (4.2 Turbo)

Ram - G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4x4GB)

HDD - Seagate Barracuda 2TB 7200rpm

SDD - Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB

CPU Cooler - NZXT Kraken X60

OS - Windows 7 Home Premium x64

  • Gadgets

  • Mouse - Logitech G600
  • Keyboard - Mad Catz V.7 (Subjective to change, idk much bout good keyboards. Play mostly MMO's)
  • Monitor - ASUS VG248QE Black 24" 144HzSound System - Logitech Z506 (Have no clue what i am doing with the sound system just using as a template, willing to spend up to 150$ on sound system.).

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Configure your build on this site, then post it. Makes it a lot easier for us to help you.

I will definetely vouch for those speakers, I got them probably about 4-5yrs ago and they are still running strong, brilliant sound too.

I configured your build within PC part picker

Case: There have been large problems with this case previously IDK if they've been fixed or not in the new itterations of the case, the case is also very loud visualy (I'd choose something sleeker), also you picked a white version (which is fine) meaning that you may have a hard time matching colour schemes, are you sure you want a white case?

Mobo: it's reliable, but it's old and doesn't support fast memory, aesthetically it looks very industrial (I don't really like the colour scheme).

Graphics Card: It's fast, has a good cooler, and should run any MMO maxed out at high frame rates, I'm just wondering whether it would be worth getting a card from the new Nvidia 7 series Cards?

PSU: Build quality is good, it's efficient, semi-modular, but it does come at a price, it will probably last longer than the PC.

CPU: the FX8350 is getting old, it still works well but doesn't compare, gaming wise, to the new haswell 4670K, if you're editing aswell on the system the 8 cores will be handy, but otherwise in a gaming situation you won't match the performance of a chip with good per core peformance.

RAM: It is really hard to find a use for 16gb of RAM, it is overkill for most systems unless you are editing, the RAM you picked is quite expensive and there are cheaper alternatives.

HDD:This seagate is a really good pick, it's fast with it's 64mb cache, so frequently used programs that you have installed on it will load quicker

SSD: Its fast and a good looker, nuf said.

CPU Chiller: It's gonna cool your CPU well but there are more efficient cooling units out there, it has really good looks though.

OS:Win 7, I've been using it for a long while and I have only few gripes with it, it works really well, I haven't tried Win 8 enough yet to form an opinion on it. One thing in windows that may sound small but over time eats away at you (only mentioning it because you mentioned spending up to $150 on a sound system) is that Windows has a 'permanent' compression or limiter turned on that will make any dynamic music lose it's energy and deems any EQ useless, (I say permanent because no one has found a true fix yet) I'm not sure whether Win 8 has this problem, but XP didn't.


-Mouse; great mouse, haven't used one but people love it, Using my mouse (corsair M65) I find myself longing for a larger rest and extra ring finger button, razer have just released their naga 2014 edition which features mechanical keyswitches on the side buttons, and the build quality has increased from their old naga, no ring finger button though.

-Keyboard: Ever since MadCatz took over cyborg, peripherals from cyborg have increased in price loads, and then they introduce gimmicks to try to support the price, I would go for a clean and good quality keyboard like the corsair K95 (MMO style).

-Monitor: this selection looks like a case of 'I want the fastest', that asus monitor cost's too much for what you get, if you want a high refresh rate monitor 120Hz is fine, I really like BenQ's range of 120Hz monitors (they have really nice stands) they have a really clean apearance.

-Sound System: there are a lot of options for a sound system, do want surround, Hi-Fi, high end headphones, when and if you respond I can advise you then.

Conclusion: you have not given alot of info, so I can't evaluate it fully, I could give you more advise if you gave me more to work with (eg. requirments, aesthetics, everyday use, etc.)

here's my edit of your config (I didn't change CPU, Graphics card, or PSU).

I will be happy to respond to your reply.

Wow shows how much ik now lol. Thank you so much for your help. I'm on my way to work so I will respond to you when I get out with a detailed reply to help you help me. Thank you again.

I can give you a quick response to some of the minor parts untol I get out of work.

I like loud visuals, that case suits my needs of visual stimulation lol. If it does still have problems I won't get it. If you know of any other cases that are as loud visually I'm open for change.

I have heard good things about the swift h220 and the kraken x60 and would like to know if there is really a underlining difference between them before I swap out.

This computer will not be used for anything besides gaming, youtube, web browsing etc. No editing or anything of the sort.

I prefer surround sound speakers if you could reccomend me any.

You reccomended the haswell 4670k, gaming wise will there be much of a difference between the two?

I usually like to play MMOS on high+ settings (will only be playing MMOS with the occasional single player rpg.)


Ok thanks man, yeah a friend reccomended me them and said they're durable and good sound.

Yea sorry, didn't know thanks for the tip :)

Switch out your Sabertooth R2.0 board with a Gen3.  It'll give more longevity to the motherboard because of PCI-E 3.0.  Your Pilderiver allows PCI-E 3.0.

Another suggestion is with the monitor, ASUS is priced pretty high, take a look at something like BenQ, or any other of those korean monitors, they're doing great.

Sound System: i suggest the Corsair SP2500 2.1 speakers.  Best i've seen for gamers.  Yes its 2.1, but you'll get MUCH better quality.  The only thing better is if you get a surround sound system with an amplifier like an Onkyo system.

the 8350 can handle any game, what matters is your video card.  That's the bread and butter on video games.  since you've picked the 7970.  I can vouche that the 7970 plays FF14 well, my 6950 could do it at maximum settings. 7970 monsters that card EQN has been designed with the 7-series AMD cards so you should be pretty safe. You'll be able to handle ANY game for the next year or so with no problem at maximum settings.  Especially counting that next gen games are going to be optimized with 8 core AMD CPU and Radeon 8 series graphics which are slight iteration of the 7 series graphics.  You should be completely fine.

I'm not saying disregard Intel, but you will be spending an extra $200 for Intel because of the CPU being $320 and Motherboarding being at $250 for the equivalent level.

Ok so the 7970 will run next gen MMOS like EQN, FFIVRR, ESO etc. On max with good framerate? For the motherboard people are suggesting m5a99fx pro 2.0. Do you have a suggestion on one or is this a good pick? If I did swap out the 7970 for a 4670k would I see much of a performance difference and would it be worth it with the price difference? I love 5.1 surround sound if you know of any I'm willing tospend more if its worth it (within reasonable range). 

What I would do for your system is that, since you won't be editing get 2 sticks of 4gb ram. Cas latency 10 or 9 is fine, and 1600 mhz. If you will be editing get 2 sticks of 8 gb ram so if ylu ever wanna get more ram you will have the room. Just my opinion. 

Yea I've been convinced to go 8 or 12gb thanks a lot tho man

yeah no problem, even the ASUS m5A99FX pro 2.0 can handle everything no problem, and if you ever feel like going crossfire with the 7970, you can always do that.

The 4670k is a good CPU, but that's if you're willing to justify the need to spend the extra money, performance difference will hardly be noticeable because the 4670k only destroys AMD on benchmarks, real life scenarios the difference is minimal  Personally i see no point, this is a gaming build, the 8350 is great.  Though just for future proofing i say get the Sabertooth 990FX Gen3 because of the PCI-E 3.0 capability.  Your computer will last a bit longer.  I build video games on my 8350 and i have no problem running heavy duty programs.

this is my personal preference, but 5.1 surround, unless you're going to buy a home theater surround sound system, it's not rly worth it because you'll never really get a good crisp sound.  Most 5.1 speakers for PC tend to have bad amps.  This comes from someone with experience in music.  I'm a bit nit picky with audio.  I bought lotigetch X-530 and i don't like the sound, sounds alright for games, but when you play movies and music, it's pretty stail.  I strongly suggest the Corsair SP2500, they are 2.1 but they do a really great job because of they have a full on amplifier which feeds each speaker properly.  On my X-530, the amp doesn't distinguish audio properly, so many times the middle channel gets fed to the left and right speaker, so it kind of slushes the sounds quite a bit.  Though if you can't notice that kind of stuff, don't worry then, go for the recommendations above.

Ok ill get a gen3, ill take your word and get the 2.1's as well. I'm a huge music fan, other than gaming its my life. Since you mentioned those factors you sold me on them. Thsnks so much for the help man I deeply appreciate it I've been stuck on this for two months tryin to figure it out. On a second note you knoe of any good mmo gaming keyboards preferrably red and black (trying to match somethings)

I like everyone's suggestions here, looks like your machine will be great.

A question about the monitor - do you absolutely have to have a 120Hz+ monitor? As you can tell they're expensive and usually TN panels, don't look that great, etc. I'm a semi-hardcore gamer (I play FPS mostly, but I do play some MMOs) and I'm opting for a IPS display in my next rig (this is after I have bought all the other hardware). Even though the response time is 8ms, even Linus said you don't really notice the difference (on a 6ms monitor, though, but I imagine it still applies). You also get better color quality out of the display. The refresh rate, however, will be 60Hz. The price is usually around the same as the XL2420T.

All in all it's completely up to you. Monitors really come down to personal preference, so get whichever suits you.

I do a lot of competitive PvP with Guild mates that's usually why i go higher Hz but im open to change like i said lol. If you have any reccomendations i'll definitily take a look, also can be larger than 24".

I don't rly have much knowledge on mmo keyboards, i tend to enjoy the basic layout ones.

Corsair sells the K70 which has red LED and black finish.  It's a really good build quality and has great components and rly good sleeving.  If you want a little of everything and don't mind membrane keys, i would suggest the steelseries apex keyboard, it can go in any color you wish the LED to go and has multiple MMO macro layouts.  Though a lot of ppl don't like membrane keys for gaming, it does feel a little like MX black keys.  I think ducky and thermaltake produce keyboards with red LED's. If you're willing to spend some money, you can always look to get the razer deathstalker, it's similar to a mac style keyboard if you're into that, i rly like that keyboard, but its pricey.

This is the build Revised anything else i should swap?

nice build, forgot about logitech g19, great keyboard.

are you also thinking of overclocking?

If so, i would recommend taking a look at Bitfenix, cougar, noctua fans for the case, Give your cooler a little push/pull configuration and improve airflow to keep case running cooler.  also since you are picking the swiftech h220, if you feel a little froggy later on, you can upgrade the Graphics with a waterblock from swiftech and add to the cooling loop.  Nice thing about swiftech, they have tutorials on their youtube page.  It's pretty sweet.  That'll definietly improve the performance of your graphics card since it has autotune for automatic overclocking based on temperature.