Is this a good gaming pc?

Hello, I am thinking of buying this computer.

link to the computer:


Is this a good gaming PC with regards to the graphics card and the processor?

I will be playing games like Starcraft 2, WoW, BF3, maybe crysis if it can handel it.


Thanks in advance. 

im not the brightest computer geek , but the i7 is more than enoght but the gtx 640 isent the best.

i suggest you build your pc on a custom computer building site :

Hope I Helped :D

NOOOOOOOoooo it only has a £50 video card but paired with a i7 ? and 16gbs of cheap ram wtf? 

it will be terrible for gameing.

I wouldn't buy from there if I were you. If you want a decent pre assembled gaming pc try under 3xs systems. If you want the best bang for buck you are better off building it yourself though. 

It all depends on what you want.

build it yourself, much cheaper with better performance