Is this a good deal?

buying my friends old alienware m15x since i need a good laptop for school


cpu is i7 620m dual core 4 threads 2.67ghz boost to 3ghz

gpu is nvidia 240m i know kinda shit but its all good

keyboard doesnt light up anymore but i hate back lit keys and two keys are missing that ican replace for 4 dollars so all in all im getting it for 100 bucks.. good deal? played skyrim on high tonight with it... before it was cleaned off of all his old shit..

For 100 bucks, seems good (beats most modern laptops thats 800 bucks)

If you don't mine throwing $100.00 away then go for it. Allow me to explain. This system could last you years or could go up in smoke in a week. It is the chance one takes when purchasing used equipment. If at this point everything is working properly then you shoud be OK. Just remember you are getting a curb and gutter warranty. Once you get to the curb, you got her.

$100? I wouldn't hesitate. Go for it.

ok thanks guys i think i will be i have now cleaned the hard disk of all virsuses and junk so ill be getting it i also have back up laptops haha i jsut need one that will play games to bring back and fourth i have an hpg7 but cant play skyrim above low detail so ill go for this one thanks guys!