Is this a good CPU?

Hi, I'm upgrading my CPU and motherboard, is this a okay CPU for editing/gaming :)? also rendering.

It's a great CPU for those listed tasks. Additionally, it is good for streaming, too.

Just ensure you purchase a suitable motherboard. Something with a good power phase design. Gigabyte UD3P is an affordable, 8+2 power phase motherboard. Released fairly recently. Otherwise, something like the ASUS M5A99x motherboards are a good option.

I have a 450 w and a 750 ti And im getting a ASUS motherboard, most likely the one you suggested to me.

Yes the FX-8350 is a very good CPU for editing, rendering and gaming. It does have slower per core performance and in some less optimized tasks and games, like DayZ for example, it loses to Intel but the games are still very playable.

It also OCs very well too. Most can easily get to 4.8Ghz with proper cooling and a good motherboard. Then it is a real beast. It is still one of the best values around too.

The Asus M5A99FX Evo/Pro series are quite good

Yep. That config is absolutely fine.

450W is adequate as is a 750 Ti.

If you haven't gotten those parts though I'd recommend a 500W unit like a Corsair CX500 and a R9 270.

What do you mean by 'haven't gotten those parts'?

Basically, if you have yet to purchase those parts, there are other parts you should consider. e.g the R9 270 is much higher performing, for a marginal difference in cost.

You linked a part with a UK price tag. I can tell you that the 270 is only about £20 more than the 750ti. Definitely worth considering. The MSI Twin Frozr would be my personal recommendation. About £125

Just be sure that if you get the ASUS M5A99x that it is the EVO or PRO version. the LE is ...less than desirable with that chip. The PRO version will allow the FX-9XXX series if you so choose to upgrade.

Yes, you really need the power delivery of that board and the Asus will def handle it.

That being said a 9590 isn't really an upgrade. It is just a higher clocked 8350 so. Most 8350s can be OCed to similar speeds.

I only mentioned it as it is the primary difference between the EVO and PRO series. There is nothing wrong with the 9XXX series if you can find it some place cheap enough, But ultimately Krieger is right, There is no real reason to go beyond the 8350 yet.

Yes i would go 270x and m5a99fx pro  r2.0, best FX motherboard IMO. AMD FX has awesome performance in any task including games, and only loses to Intel in some benchmarks. You won't notice a difference in most cases, and you can save abit of money.

It is a great CPU just make sure you have good cooling and a 990fx chipset I used the 970a chipset on a $70 msi mother board it was awful I recommended the asus m5a99fx PRO