Is this a good buy

HP it's a 2000 series Intel celeron B870 1.70ghz 4 gb ram 411 free space of 444gb harddrive. The owner says it's three years old used about 10 times wants 150.00 Canadian but price is negotiable

What do you plan on using the laptop for?

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The processor might be a slight problem.
I have a quite similar configuration, slammed a SSD in there and it worked like a charm. Even managed to play games such as StarCraft 2 and League of Legends at respectable frame rates.
( on Windows 10 )
If you plan to use this laptop for browsing the web, coding and some really light gaming, at that price, it seems like a nice deal.

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No games just basic web browsing fb,and google news and vieving this site. youtube

I would say go for about 100 CAD if you can then that would be worth it. 150 seems to pricey to me.


I'd say that's a good price, but maybe stuff maintains value longer where I'm from, because it's hard to find a good laptop for that price where I'm from.

But anyways, $150 Canadian is about $113 American.

If the laptop is only three years old and hardly used at all like he says, I would get it, as long as it's near perfect condition. If there are scrapes and stuff on it I wouldn't bother.

Knowing that it has a Celeron I wouldn't pick it up, personally. But that's my general opinion. I don't have good experiences with them. If it's a need that you have ATM go for it. Totally worth it. If it's an "Eh, I kinda wanna have a spare" then ehhhhhhh, ok? But if you have better hardware available don't bother.

Meter yourself as you please.