Is this a good build?

I want to make a top gaming pc and after doing some research and checking what the best online store that ships to where I live had, I made these 2 builds


Do you disagree with any of my choices? Are they "compatible"? Will it be easy to set it up considering Im a noob?

I have been told already to choose the Intel build. Do I need to also buy?:


As I said I know very little about mounting pcs. 

Ty for your help

Looks pretty solid to me. You have an Gbit NIC on board so unless you need WiFi for some reason thats fine. No need for other expansion initially. I'd say get the Intel build for better performance on most everything (save the niche few applications that fully utilize 8 cores) and get it all installed. Play with it for a bit then decide if its worth taking it farther. I ended up picking up extra SSDs and HDDs for additional storage(Now I need a file server). I use 4670k and Asrock Extreme6 MoBo, 16GB Crucial RAM and Samsung 850 EVO for boot drive with a Gigabyte gtx 970 for graphics (full specs in profile).

Great platform to run. 

I'm no expert but as for the Intel build I would recommend a different cooler. That one isn't exactly quiet, maybe try out one of the Noctua coolers. If its within your budget. Also SeaGate aren't exactly known to be the best drives, maybe go for a WD instead. 

Edit: I'm dumb, Seagate is fine. Was thinking of something else. 

Edit Edit: I guess avoid Seagate?

yeah, I just had a seagate 1 TB external fail on me. I have everything that was on it backed up, I am always buying new drives as it comes with the territory of what I do. I can tell you, avoid the gate