Is this a good build?

Sooo i am gonna be building a pc, and i'm wondering if this is good, i already ahve the grpahics card it was onsale for 100$ so, that was good, but i was wondering if the psu is good enough? And i know 16gb ram isn't needed but i'll be doing more than gaming. And only light gaming at that.I know its not worth of a obsibian series case, but it will get upgraded, i'm really wondering if the PSU is enough.

750W is a way overkill for a single gpu setup 550/650W is more then enough don´t worry about that.i would only recommend a better one corsair psu´s are great but the builder series aren´t the best quality. look at XFX seasonic Lepa  or Corsair TX series.

but i would recommend a better Motherboard for that AMD 8 core 125Wtdp cpu. the Asrock 970 extreme3 is a crap board. it has only 4+1 powerphase and cheap weak vrm´s, those boards are just not made for such power hungry FX 8 core cpu´s.

take a look at a Asus board. i would recommend the Asus Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 this board is a solid rock!! but if that board is to expensive, then take a look at the Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0.

grtz Angel ☺