Is this a good build?

This will probably be the last time i will post in Build a PC lol. A £600 budget for the whole system and peripherals. So i just want to know if this build will be good enough for next-gen games at 720p. It will be the prefered monitor resolution because of space and i dont really care that much about how my game looks but care enough not to buy a console. :D

So back to the topic i need this PC to run games like BF4, Watchdogs GTA 5 and some other big titles that come out. It is just for gaming and i am sure i will not use it for anything else in the future except for upgrading to play more games :P  Yea it also has to be M-ATX.  It basically HAS to include all the things i have put in my build. (The wifi, keyboard etc)

The Build-

Also would it be better to get a MSI Twin Frozr III GTX 660 over the 7870? 

This is just to make sure before i buy all the parts this week and any improvements will be very nice :D


Edit : I dont know if the wifi adapter will fit on the motherboard with the GPU. I know there is a slot on the motherboard but i dont know if the GPU will block that slot. To be safe could you recommend a USB Wifi adapter that is a good one :P

Play in 1080p.

Get a better monitor, or you will regret it, The monitor is the one part of the PC you will be looking every time, 1080p over 21" if possible.

So can the HD 7870 play games at 1080p? High or Ultra Details at 50fps? Not crysis 3 but other games like BF3 and other games that are not as demanding? Also is the FX 6300 worth the price jump? I have noticed you didnt put a CPU cooler as well, i have heard the stock coolers are rubbish. 

So i have made this but i really dont want to go over budget so if are there any ways of cutting this down or is it better to spend the extra money?

Why one stick of 8gb? Why not 2x4GB? RAM will be faster in dual slots.
Also I think its a bit strange to be building around a chip that is.... four years old now? I know AMD's new chips aren't that great either... maybe grab a new i3? It'll probably be faster than AMD quad cores.

Have you seen the latest build i have put in my comment? Please look befoer commenting :D

Get the M5A78L. Much better preforming motherboard and ASUS is amazing in general. It also have 4 RAM slots. 

I have switched it to that motherboard any other things to improve on? Also is there a massive difference between 720p and 1080p or is it a slight difference. Also what would look better BF3 Ultra 720p or High 1080p?

I can see a hughe difference in 1080p over 720p. My friend has a Radeon 7970 and only plays in 720p and it drives me crazy when I go over to his house. Also I suggest getting the Asus MoBo I recommended and getting a Aftermarket cooler later on. 1080p Medium would look better than 720p Ultra.