Is this a good build? Opinions? Opinions?

I would say bigger SSD (if it's in the budget) and a cheaper optical drive (unless you have need for that fancy of one). Nice build. 

Thanks and I just found a deal for a 128gb ssd for $80 so I will add that


Id get a good Tower air cooler over the H50, and unless you really need the features of the Sabertooth id go for a different motherboard to pout the money towards something else possibly.

I also dont know your tastes but the Antec case is a little expensive for what your getting, same goes for the PSU. what about this

Its looking better, but twhy the 16Gb of ram, are you going to be doing any have video editing or anything like that ?

Edit: just threw this together, you get a hell of a lot for your money with this

I didnt mean to have 16 but yeah 8gbs is enough also thanks for that build.

the 750 Watt PSU i threw in is overkill but if you want to crossfire later it will, thats why i threw it in, if not get a 650Watt and save some money.

Thanks Unless you're going Crossfire, there is no reason to get a 990FX board, and AsRock makes great value motherboards. The Corsair 200R does so much for the money, it's hard to pass on.