Is this a good build? Does everything fit?


What is the purpose of this build and your max budget? But I guess if you can afford it, this is more than good. Just one thing. If you want future compatability, I'd suggest getting a 3820 and a 2011 board. As far as I know, Intel is gonna keep using the 2011 platform for maybe a few more years or so. 1155 is basically dead once they release Haswell.

Yes it's good and it all fits, however, I do happen to agree with Z. Although Haswell isn't claiming to be designed around gaming, Intel will be eliminating the current generation of Core series chips when it rolls out the Haswell stuff, and socket 1155 will thus be dying off along with it. Intel hasn't said what they plan to do with socket 2011, but given that they have taken to making that their line of current-gen xeons, it should be expected to last another generation at least. If you want to try to future-proof, I would certainly say that 2011 is the way to go with Intel.

Ehhhh i dont think i can go that much higher this is actually over my max at 3K but ya ... Im using it for heavy gaming 3 monitors and some video editing

is there any 2011 boards that are about the same price or less than the one on here cuz if i go up to 3820 so i can do that i will need to spend alot more

I thought it would be amusing to do this:

Note that finding an alternate source for windows will actually make this cheaper than the original build.

i would say go for this board. wenn you gonne look for a 2011 setup.

msi x79 GD45 plus. instead of the asrock..

The asrock fatality is a cool looking board, but the professional with only 4 dimm slots is a big miss for that price realy :s and the oc fuetures might be cool, but totaly useless, if you gonne get the quadcore i7 3820, cause that isnt overclockable, you can only turn on the turbo core, it has a locked multiplier

wenn you want to buy a asrock, then you can better go for the Asrock Extreme 6, has practicaly the same fuetures as the  fatality champion, only the sound chip is diffrent and no fatality mouse port, for so ever what thats means ?

the Arsock extreme 6 is for sale at newegg for 199 dollars. And if you gonne  search good, and you can find the AsRock Extreme 6/GB edition for about 220 dollar, then you get a nice soundblaster cord 3d pci-e card with a extra lan port.





but i heard the 3820 isn't as overclockable as the unlocked 3770k

As long as you have decent cooling, whether it does or does not doesn't matter. People have been taking the 3820 to 5Ghz, actually, and they weren't necessarily using custom loops either. 

The 3820 is actually very overclockable. People have been taking it to over 4.5Ghz. I myself have played with it for a while and got it to 4.6Ghz with the vcore around 1.3 to 1.35 volts

lol i7 3820 over 5ghz? i dont believe that lol

a locked cpu, only setting higher the core voltage?  stock at 3.6 ghz, with turbo core 3.8 ghz

you will say only with some higher voltage you can clock that thing over 1.4 ghz? a locked cpu ah come on dream on.

wenn wil it burn ?

the 3770k can go to 7ghz

It's only partially locked. ( second post)

There others, too. Not saying they're all true( though they might), but when a lot of people are saying  it, it usually is