Is this a decent pc for the price?

CPU: Amd fx 8320

GPU: 650 ti boost overclocked edition (getting a gtx 760 in about 6-7 months)

PSU: Corsair 600w atx12v

CASE: NZXT Phantom

RAM: 16gb ddr3 corsair vengance lp

STORAGE: 1tb western digital caviar blue

MOTHERBOARD: Asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 atx am3+

All this for around 700 dollars, Just wondering what you guys think about it, and if i can change anything without going over 700 dollars, And i'm also getting a second monitor.

Way better.

hust get 8 gigs aof ram, and put more into the gpu

The only thing is i'm not playing super graphic intensive games, so i can wait till i get my 760

I hate to say it, But it make it feel future proofed, for games that are gonna start needing more cores, and more ram

Just saying, i did get 650 ti boost overclocked edition for 100 dollars, so it wasn't a bad deal.