Is this a decent Am3+ motherboard?

I found this motherboard, and for $80, it seems pretty good.

I dont know much about it but I am sure its fine I have had asrock motherboards and they are pretty good I would reccomend this one though if you can afford the $15 more

depending on which cpu you want to use on this board, FX4300 or FX6300 you will be fine with this board, if you want a board for the FX8320 or FX8350 then i would recommend to buy a decent 990FX chipset board.

Because the Asrock 970 extreme 3 and 4 and also the 990FX extreme 3 have only 4+1 powerphase and not that great quality vrm´s and chokes. so  they not realy made for a powerhungry 8 core.

I'll be using it for a 6300 cpu

I do not understand this weird prejudice you have against a 970 board...

I have that exact board and I hate it, you can tell out of the box that it has cheap parts. I was able to pull a sata port off my board when taking off a sata cable, thankfully I was able to get it back and it still works. The overclocking on that board is not great what so ever, like Mystery Angel said. I would recommend spending a little extra cash on a better quality board from a different vendor. The Asrock 990FX series motherboards may be good though compared to their waterdowned 970 counterparts. The board comes with a lot of features too, which is cool I guess, but I don't think it's worth it. Buy a better board, I'm actually looking to buy a better board now myself.


I don't plan on overclocking. Is there any good boards at this price range?

for the FX6300 i mostly recommend the Asus M5A97 R2.0. 4+2 powerphase and digi vrm.

Okie dokie. Thank you :D